Food & Drink in the Park

Can I buy food and drink the Park?

From Saturday 4th July, a selection of restaurants and other food outlets will be open at different times throughout the day selling a variety of hot and cold meals, snacks, ice-creams and drinks. Vending machines will also be available across the Resort.

Will City Walk Pizza Pasta be open?

To keep all guests at a safe distance from each other we have redesigned our menus to place more emphasis on ‘grab and go’ food options. All cutlery and condiments will be provided on request.

City Walk Pizza & Pasta restaurant is open and we will be offering take-away Pizza or Pasta meals rather than all you can eat buffet options for the time being. If you have added a Pizza Pasta buffet voucher to your booking,  your voucher will still be valid in exchange for our new meal deals, these meal deals include a combination of pizza, sides and drinks.

How will social distancing work in restaurants?

We have rearranged our dining areas to ensure there is a safe distance between tables and in communal dining spaces, we have either removed seats or blocked them off.