Rides & Attractions Information

What rides will be open?

We are pleased to confirm that the vast majority of our rides and attractions are open, for the latest information please visit our 'Know Before You Go' information. 

Which rides and attractions will I need to wear a mask on?

 Guests over the age of 11 will be required to wear a face-covering/ mask on the following rides:

  • The Dragon
  • Mia’s Riding Adventure
  • Jolly Rocker
  • Spinning Spider
  • LEGO® City Deep Sea Adventure
  • Merlin’s Challenge
  • LEGO® NINJAGO® The Ride
  • Haunted House Monster Party
  • LEGO® Studios 4D
  • Laser Raiders

Guests should bring a suitable face covering/mask with them when they visit or buy one whilst they’re here.  Guests will not be permitted on the above rides without a face covering/mask unless they are under the age or 11 or have certain medical conditions/disabilities. Those who do not comply will be refused access to these rides. Please remember the simple rule – No Mask No Ride. Guests who continuously ignore the rules will be kindly asked to leave the Resort.

How will social distancing work in ride queues?

You will see clear markers and signs within queues to allow for social distancing and our teams will monitor these to ensure there is a safe distance between guests. Please do observe all of these markers and our team’s directions.

Will Ride Priority Hour be available?

Due to the new ways that guests will be seated on rides, and the enhanced cleaning, we are unable to offer Ride Priority Hour to our short break guests when we reopen.

We are very sorry for any disappointment and thank you for your understanding.