Reserve and Ride

Reserve & Ride (formerly known as Q-Bot) is a system that queues for you, leaving you more time to explore the park!

Using your mobile phone, Reserve & Ride enables you to virtually wait a rides queue time, freeing you up to visit other attractions, shops and restaurants in the park while you are waiting your turn. The higher the level, the less time you wait between making your reservation and being able to ride.

Please note that numbers are limited, so we encourage you to pre-book your Reserve & Ride ahead of your visit.

What are the benefits?

  • Get the most out of your day - Enjoy the park at your leisure and when your virtual wait is over, simply go to the ride’s Reserve & Ride Entrance.
  • Lets you choose – make reservations from a choice of up to 25 attractions.
  • Easy to use - using your mobile phone, rides can be booked from anywhere in the park

To purchase your Reserve and Ride, to discover which rides are included, and for general information, please visit our Reserve and Ride information page. 

Reserve and Ride bookings and information