Reserve and Ride Regular


To help with social distancing measures, Reserve and Ride will not be immediately available upon reopening, although this may change in the coming weeks and months.  Please keep checking the website for further updates.


Reserve and Ride Regular is a ride reservation device which allows you to reserve your place in the queue for your favourite rides without having to stand in line!

Why we recommend this add-on:

  • With a Reserve and Ride Regular, there’s no standing in line!
  • This add-on enables you to reserve a time slot so you can go off and explore the Park instead of queuing.
  • When it’s your time to ride, the Reserve and Ride Regular will notify you.
  • This awesome add-on allows you to book one ride at a time – choose from 20 attractions.
  • Available for 1 or 2 days.

Rides available within this are:

  • Laser Raiders
  • The Dragon
  • Dragons Apprentice
  • Knights Quest
  • Pirate Falls
  • Spinning Spider
  • Viking River Splash
  • Thunder Blazer
  • Aero Nomad
  • Desert Chase
  • Mia's Riding Adventure
  • L-Drivers
  • Deep Sea Adventure
  • Driving School
  • Fire Academy
  • Balloon School
  • Fairy Tale Brook
  • Duplo Valley Airport
  • Raft Racers
  • Sky Rider
  • Jolly Rocker

Add-On attractions available:

Single use add-ons for the Reserve and Ride can only be purchased at the Resort:

  • Instant access to your first ride before 11am - additional £2 charge
  • LEGO® NINJAGO® The Ride - additional £4 charge

Important information:

  • Reserve and Ride have limited availability per day, please note rides and attractions are subject to change.

  • Children under 3 do not have to pay, they cannot be added onto the device but can ride alongside a paying adult.

  • Guests will need a debit or credit card for a £50 holding deposit when using a Reserve and Ride device.