Q-Bot Express

Q-Bot Express reduces your waiting time by half, now you can ride your favourite rides even quicker letting you do more with your day.

  •  Get the most out of your day - No need to stand in line! Enjoy the resort at your leisure and when it's your time to ride, the Q-Bot will let you know.
  •  Lets you choose - There is something for everyone! Book one ride at a time from a choice of over 20 attractions.

Easy to use - Rides can be booked from anywhere in the park with the flexibility to cancel or rearrange bookings.

Prices are based on a per person charge. Children under 3 are not required to pay and will not be placed on the device, but may accompany paying adults on rides where they meet all height, weight and age restrictions.

Add-On attractions available: Laser Raiders and/or instant access to your first ride before 11am can be added to a Q-Bot Express for an additional charge and can only be purchased at the Resort.  

Instant Access - £2

Laser Raiders - £3

Need more information click here to see our "How do guide"