Is there a swimming pool at the LEGOLAND® Resort Hotels?

The LEGOLAND® Resort Hotel has a swimming pool and gym facilities. The gym and pool are open from 7 am until 8 pm (subject to change).

To use the swimming pool you must book a swim time before arrival, you can do this by clicking on the information pack on your confirmation and following the links. 

Please note: if you are staying in our LEGOLAND® Castle Hotel the swimming pool is located in the LEGOLAND® Resort Hotel. Also, our swimming pool is only available for hotel guests.

Our Swimming Pool Ratios:

We do ask that children under the age of 12 are joined in the water by a supervising adult (16+) at all times and that families adhere to the adult to child ratios.*

*The adult to child ratios for pool usage is below:

0 to 3 years old — 1 child to 1 adult
4 to 7 years old — 2 children to 1 adult
8 to 11 years old — 3 children to 1 adult
12+ no adult required

(If your children fall into multiple age brackets the youngest age bracket applies.)